12 new Timescope terminals to valorize France’s heritages

During summer 2018, Timescope has seen its immersive devices fleet grown, while 12 terminals were inaugurated in Arras, Blois, Vendôme, Chaumont, Paris and Blanc-Mesnil.

These virtual reality terminals in self-service propose digital visits to their users. Whether they are tourists or locals inhabitants, they all can find an interest in those 360° films displayed in the Timescope, as they allow them to rediscover a place as it was in the past, as it will be in the future, or even to see this place in a new angle.

Thus, for example in the Loir-et-Cher department, 3 promotional films of the destination were produced. 360° captations by drone take the terminals’ users to a unforgettable visit of the most beautiful sites of the department, as for Chambord Castle, and the Zoo of Beauval. A terminal was set in the Austerlitz translation in Paris to start this digital guided tour and invite the travelers to go to Loir-et-Cher. Three Timescope placed in different places on the territory (Blois, Vendôme et Chaumont) then take over to complete this unique visit tour.

The Timescope of Blois’ Castle ©Timescope

Since July, on the Montparnasse Tower, visitors can find 4 Timescope that offer freely a discovery of the most beautiful view of Paris.. in 218, 1426 et 1889 thanks to 3D historical reconstructions! This is the very first modelling of Paris city at three different eras.

                                                                   Lutetia in 218 ©Timescope

Eventually, two immersive visits of the Blanc-Mesnil city are proposed to inhabitants since June. Through virtual reality, they are plunged into the future of their district and visualize what it will look like after the construction works.

With a positive opinion of the Timescope users up to 95 %, it seems that digital tourism has good days ahead!