A virtual reality device in support of cultural mediation

In 2018, Timescope has doubled its park of virtual reality terminals. We set up not less than 14 Timescope since September, in partnership with prestigious French museums, castles and monuments.

Virtual reality invests the CentQuatre cultural center

The CentQuatre, an artistic and cultural center located in the heart of the 19th district of Paris, paved the way. The director of Innovation Valérie Senghor has inaugurated in April a Timescope terminal to animate the cultural life of this place of life and atypical creation.

This virtual reality device gives visitors, artists and publics of the cultural site access at any time to immersive and educational films. To discover what the Bastille looked like before its destruction, to overfly Île-de-France and its most beautiful monuments by drone, to plunge in the Paris of the XVIIth century…. As many magical experiences in 360° for the 80 daily users of the terminal.

Lively place deeply rooted in its district, with an artistic and cultural program, but also a part dedicated to innovation, the CentQuatre center welcomes start-ups in its business incubator. Start-ups that develop innovative services and products in the field of cultural industries. When Timescope left the incubator in 2017, we wished to keep working side by side with the innovation pole of the center and to propose our product to the CentQuatre’s public.

Virtual reality as a cultural mediation tool

« This new Timescope terminal already counts a lot of users, of all ages » Valérie Senghor applauses. Praised namely by the young publics, the Timescope terminal makes them discover Paris and its History in a different way. A mediation tool that perfectly integrates the program of this cultural and innovative factory.

A busy and productive year for Timescope

This installation is the first of a long list coming in the following months. Stay tuned to discover the fourteen new experiences of augmented visit that we will be set up in September in France. We can already tease you: we will count among them travel back in the time in the most beautiful Loire castles, an augmented reality film over Paris and a travel in the future!