A virtual reality device in support of cultural mediation at the CentQuatre – Paris

Since April 2018, a Timescope terminal is showcasing our best immersive experiences in the cultural center CentQuatre Paris.



An initiation to virtual reality at the CentQuatre

Timescope has settled a terminal in the CentQuatre in April 2018, in the courtyard of the 5 rue Curial. The occasion for this cultural center to propose unique virtual reality experiences to its visitors.

Specialized in  cultural and creative industries, the CentQuatre called Timescope to put a terminal within its wall, in order to allow its visitors to discover this new technology. The terminal, which can pivot on itself at 360°, take this aspect of binoculars. Young and old alike can immerse themselves into 3D contents produced by Timescope.

Magical experiences accessible to all

The CentQuatre’s visitors are invited to discover the most beautiful 360° films produced by Timescope: travels in time, with the exploration of Paris through different eras and neighborhoods, the immersion into Arras, Le Havre and other cities’ History. Also, they can take part of a virtual visit of various territories, by flying over thanks to 360° captations by drone, as for the Loir-et-Cher department and its amazing castles or the Region Île-de-France and its rich cultural heritage.

A diversified and happy public

Particularly popular among children , the Timescope terminal is used all day long since the beginning, and receive around 90 users per day since its installation. It is an inescapable meeting point of the numerous CentQuatre’s visitors.

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360° films in self-service