Animate the Heritage Days for Kering

For the European Heritage Days, on the 17th and 18th of September 2017, the luxury group Kering called on Timescope in order to make a reconstruction of the 40, rue de Sèvres, at the Belle Epoque.

Offer the Parisian public a unique experience

On the occasion of the 34 edition of the European Heritage Days, Kering offered its visitors a discovery of this extraordinary place’s history, in an innovative way.

The luxury group called on Timescope to propose its visitors a unique experience, a real travel in time on-site. Recreated from archives (maps, iconographical documents, postcards from the nineteenth century…), from dialogues with historians - and namely with the participation of Benjamin Mouton, head architect of the historic buildings - the virtual reality film offers the public an immersive experience, very realist, unique in its kind, through two Timescope terminals located at the beginning of the visit tour. The visitors find themselves in the Laënnec Hospital’s courtyard of honor, 120 years ago to the day.

The Laënnec Hospital as it was in September 1897

Constructed in 1634, the Hospice said of the « incurables » was first dedicated to the cure of needy sick people or patients too deeply ill to be received somewhere else.

A conquered public

More than 1000 visitors were able to try the time travel experience proposed by Timescope, thanks to the two devices accessible in the Hospital’s courtyard of honor. A continuous flow of users, from the opening hour to the closing hour (and even beyond!).

Some numbers



2 000

users in two days


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