Boost a world heritage site of Unesco by using VR at the Arras Citadel

The Urban Community of Arras has inaugurated on the 13th of July 2018 a new Timescope terminal at the Arras Citadel to plunge its visitors in 1678, during the construction of the site by Vauban.

A virtual reality experience to valorize the history of Arras heritage

Recently opened to the public, the Citadel now offers an overview of its rich history

The Timescope terminal brings visitors back to 1678. Through 3D historical reconstructions, they will discover the construction site of the Citadel. They will observe the workers build the last buildings, while the soldiers are already occupying the place.
This immersion at 360° is completed by Vauban’s presence. This famous military engineer, who came to Arras to supervise the construction work progress and send a report to the King Louis XIV, at the origin of the project.

Paying tribute to Vauban’s work

This virtual reality experience comes from the Unesco’s will to pay tribut to the amazing work of Vauban, while valorizing Arras’ history. The set up of a terminal in the heart of the Citadel, accessible to all and in self-service, contributes at the openness and the development of this site.

A virtual tour of Pays d’Artois

It is the second Timescope terminal set by the Urban Community of Arras on its territory. The first one, located in Neuville-Saint-Vaast, brings the users to 1915, during the fraternization scenes between the Allies and the German soldiers. A third terminal is also set at the Place des Héros, to plunge the visitors in the city at the 16th century.

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Timescope terminals in Pays d'Artois

« A new way of getting people to discover our Heritage and honoring the Citadel » Philippe Rapeneau, Président of Arras Urban Community

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