Commemorate the First World War in Neuville-Saint-Vaast

In December 2017, a virtual reality device was inaugurate, in the service of recalling, at the Fraternization Monument of Neuville-Saint-Vaast, in the Pas-de-Calais.

A terminal in memory of WW1

A new tool of mediation for a spectacular immersion in the trenches

In order to revive the duty of memory, namely among young people, the Arras Urban Community has inaugurated a Timescope terminal in remembrance of the 1915 fraternizations between the Allies and Germans’ soldiers.

The terminal, accessible for free at the Monument of Fraternization, is available 24/7.

A rigorous historical film

The historical reconstructions in 3D, made with the support of Alain Jacques, specialist of the First World War, restore faithfully the place as it was during the war. This unique tool of mediation is a new way of learning about the History of a site.

An historical and virtual tour in the Pays d’Artois

This terminal was the first of a virtual tour prepared by Arras Urban Community, aiming at proposing a new way of discovering Arras Heritage. Thus, a Timescope located at the Citadel plunges its users in the History of its construction by the famous Vauban in 1678, and an other terminal at the Heroes Place in Arras takes passersby to 1518.

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Terminal Timescope


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« With Timescope, the tourism in the Pays d’Artois enters a new dimension » Philippe Rapeneau, President of the Arras Urban Community