Explore Le Havre through the ages

On the occasion of the 500th birthday of the city, Le Havre’s mayor has inaugurated on the 8th of June, two Timescope terminals. The first one is placed near the Town Hall and the second one on the Southampton dock.

Two Timescope in the city, accessible freely to the bystanders

The two terminals are set in the heart of Le Havre city, in two strategic positions : near the Town Hall and on the Southampton dock.

These virtual reality devices offer to the inhabitants and the tourists a unique 360° immersion: a new time travel experience, to discover Le Havre in different eras, before the destruction caused by the bombings of 1944, after the Second World War and in 2020. The experience is accessible to all, for free and in self-service, 24/7.

From Le Havre of yesterday to Le Havre of tomorrow

The Timescope terminal placed in the Southampton dock allows people to plunge themselves in the city as it was at the nineteenth century (more precisely in 1860), but also to discover what it will look like in the future, as a virtual reality film takes the users to the year 2020.

Media coverage

The local and national media paid close attention to those two installations, and came to cover the inauguration by the City Mayor. News stories from France 3, France Info and Ouest France give access to extracts from the virtual reality films created by Timescope.

Some numbers


users per day

95 %

of positive opinions

50 000

views of the film teaser on Facebook

« We really feel like we’re there. Those two tools are amazing! » Luc Lemonnier, Mayor of Le Havre city