Give Dassault Systèmes the right tool to communicate about its projects

To make the virtual reality experiences developed by Dassault Systèmes accessible to all his employees, the enterprise put a Timescope terminal in the middle of its headquarters, in Vélizy.

The Timescope terminal as a internal communication tool

The contents displayed include both a selection of Daussault Système’s experiences developed through the society’s software: Catia, Solidworks, and so on, and a selection of Timescope experiences developed with 3D photorealistic tools.

Daily usages from the Dassault Systèmes employees

3D renderers of offices and machines by the software Solidworks, or also apartments by the software Home By Me… The Timescope allows a self-service display of the VR renderers made by the society on the campus, permitting to all the collaborators to follow the enterprise’s projects.