Introduce a new project of urban renewal at the Blanc-Mesnil

In June 2018, two Timescope terminals were set at the Blanc-Mesnil city to present the architectural projects to come to the inhabitants .

A 360° projection in the Blanc-Mesnil's future

Two terminals to show the aspect of the city after the coming construction works

The terminals, set respectively in the Pierre Simard district and in the RER train station district, aim at showing the evolution of those districts after the major construction works executed by Cogedim, in charge of the housing project.

The Timescope terminals display two 3D films, made from architects and urbanists plans that show the aspect of those two districts once the construction works will be done.

Include inhabitants into the land use planning

Those two experiences of travel in time, accessible freely for passersby, allow the Blanc-Mesnil inhabitants to assimilate the coming urban renewal by making it more concrete thanks to virtual reality. To those images is added an audio commentary, make by Thierry Meignen, Mayor of the Blanc-Mesnil. He is talking directly to the inhabitants of the city to explain the future projects.

A unique mediation tool

The Timescope terminals are becoming a unique tool of mediation between the Blanc-Mesnil inhabitants, the enterprise in charge of the construction work and the project’s decision-makers. Now, everyone can picture the future of the city.

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