Recreate a disappeared natural phenomenon at the Seine Museum (Museoseine)

Since June 2018, a Timescope terminal was integrated to the visit tour of the Museoseine to give life to the « Mascaret » phenomenon that has today disappeared.

A travel in time in the twenties in virtual reality to rediscover the Mascaret

A 3D reconstruction of the wave

Thanks to rigorous 3D historical reconstructions, made from archives, the Timescope terminal displays a 360° film in virtual reality that plunges its users back in the time to see the Mascaret wave as if they were there.

A new tool of mediation

The Timescope terminal is used as a tool of mediation to embody the explanations on the phenomenon exhibited in the Museum. It is a virtual reality tool to materialize the phenomenon that doesn’t exist anymore.

A terminal accessible to all visitors of the Museum

Adaptable to the height, the Timescope terminal will delight little ones as theirelders ! It works in self-service and is very easy to use, as you just have to touch the screen to launch the experience. It is part of the services offered to visitors in the Museum.

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Timescope terminal


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visitors of the Museum use the terminal

« A very modern system that makes you live again the Mascaret experience as if you were there » Marie Landron, Curator of Museoseine

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