Reveal the Place des Héros’ History in Arras

The Arras Urban Community has inaugurated the Timescope terminal at the Place des Héros, the 15th of July 2018.

The virtual reality experience reveals the site as it was 500 years ago.

Materialize the history of the Place des Héros in 1518

A terminal located on the Place to rediscover the place 500 years ago

At the occasion of the 2018 Heritage Days, a Timescope terminal was inaugurated to bring visitors and inhabitants back to 1518 thanks to virtual reality. Then called « Place du petit marché », it was a important place, full of life, for Arras.

An historical film made from the results of archeological digs

The 3D historical reconstructions were made from the results of archeological digs conducted by the historian Alain Jacques. They revealed the location and the aspect of the buildings that were in the middle of the place and that have now disappeared: the Chapelle de la Sainte-Chandelle, the Red House and the Rôtisseurs street.

A virtual tour in Pays d’Artois

This new terminal is the third one set by the Urban Community of Arras on its territory. The first one, located in Neuville-Saint-Vaast, brings the users to 1915, during the fraternization scenes between the Allies and the German soldiers. The second one take the users in the middle of the construction work of Arras Citadel in 1678.

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« Get as close to reality as possible makes it possible to rediscover History » Christian Berger, Director of the Tourist Office Arras-Pays d’Artois

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