Tell the History of an heritage site at Blois’ Castle

A Timescope terminal was set in Blois in July 2018 to show the Castle’s square the day when Jeanne d’Arc came in 1429.

Create a point of interest in a passage place at Blois‘ Castle

Located on the square of Blois’ Castle, the terminal allows its users to plunge in the History of the Place, on the 25th of April 1429, day when Jeanne d’Arc came to Blois.

Thanks to 3D historical reconstructions, the Timescope users rediscover the Castle of Blois as it was during the Middle-Age.

The terminal was set on the Castle’s square by the Blois-Chambord Tourist Office to show exactly the place in the Middle-Age, from the point of view of the virtual reality machine. It pivots at 360° and can be adjusted to the height of the users. The terminal is accessible 24h/7.

Rigorous 3D historical reconstructions

With the help of specialized historians, Timescope modeled the collegiate church Saint-Sauveur, disappeared nowadays, and the Castle with its medieval looks. The Castle forecourt is very lively, until the arrival of Jeanne d’Arc. She came to Blois in order to receive a blessing for her banner, before going to Orléans, beleaguered by the English.

A Timescope terminal that takes place in a virtual visit tour of the Loir-et-Cher

3 Timescope terminals were set in the Loir-et-Cher Department, in Blois, Chaumont and Vendôme, and one Timescope in Paris, in the Austerlitz train station to encourage travelers to go from one city to the other in order to discover the destination’s most emblematic sites.

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Timescope terminal


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« We see the exact same thing as a person that would have been in front of the Castle this very year. » David Hameau, director of the Blois-Chambord Tourist Office.

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