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How does the creation of a film of historical reconstruction in virtual reality works?


We gather a large number of archives, iconographic documents (engravings, photographs, maps, land register…), we cross different historical sources depending on the period and location selected. We work along professional historians and archeologists in order to certify the exactitude of the contents we develop.

On those documents, we identify the elements of the scenery, as well as various details that allow us to recreate as accurately as possible the period setting. We organize with you a reunion where we show you the historical references gathered for the creation of the virtual reality film.

Creation of the virtual reality film

On the elements of archives’ basis, we create a scenario and address a precise design brief to our designers and animators, so that they can start working on the virtual reality film.

Multiple stages follow : 3D modeling, texturing, lightning, 3D animations, compositing, in order to give life to a realist and striking historical scene. The virtual reality film generally lasts around 2 or 3 minutes, long enough to find yourself inside the 3D environnement that represents the place and era chosen. Historians come to validate the work done, once the content is finished.

Commissioning phase

The virtual reality film(s) are then integrated to the Timescope and the terminals are put in place and into use by our teams. By then, users can try the time travel experience in self-service. They just have to choose the language and content they want to see on the touch screen.

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