A new amazing virtual reality experience to discover the Paris district « Opéra » in 1810!

For the release of the film « Empereur de Paris », BNP Paribas – partner of the film – called the society Timescope to offer the public an unforgettable time travel experience in François Vidocq’s time.

From the 17th to the 23rd of December, a virtual reality experience is proposed to the Opéra’s district passersby. Several Timescope terminals are set to immerse the public in a street of Paris, two centuries before, in 1810. A terminal is available in self-service, at the 2, Place de l’Opéra, in front of the BNP Paribas agency, and another one can be found in the cinema Gaumont-Opéra.

At this time, the Place de l’Opéra was made of humid buildings and narrow streets, crossed by filthy small streams. The spectators will discover in this 360° immersion how Parisians used to live: the calls of the drawers of water and the lamplighters, the  carriages noises on the pavement.

Paris – 1810 ©Timescope

The time travel experience of BNP Paribas, partner of the film, was made by Timescope on the basis of historical archives. Maps, cadastres, iconographical documents, were analyzed to realize the 3D models and graphic animations that reinforce the scene realism.

See you at the 2, Place de l’Opéra, and at the cinema Gaumont-Opéra, from the 17th to the 23rd of December, to try this unique experience!