Jeanne d’Arc in Blois in 1429

Since the Timescope Virtual Reality terminal was set up on the Blois Castle Square on July 2nd 2018, tourists and locals alike can travel back to the past and discover the castle and its forecourt exactly as they were on April 25th 1429, as Jeanne D’Arc arrived in Blois.

The 360° immersive time traveling experience, available through the self-service terminal, was jointly ordered by the tourism office and the city council of Blois, supported by the Centre Val de Loire Region.

The Timescope terminal was set up on the Castle Square to show how it looked like in the Middle Ages from the exact same standpoint. Equipped with a 360° rotation mechanism and height adjustment system, the terminal is available to the users 24/7.

The virtual reality film displayed through the terminal immerses the users inside the Blois Castle walls on April 25th 1429. The medieval castle, thoroughly reproduced based on historical archives, faces the users as they discover scenes of daily life in the forecourt which is surrounded by the castle’s outbuildings.

April 25th 1429 is a special day in Blois : Jeanne d’Arc, on her way to Orleans, is briefly passing through the castle to have her flag blessed in the Saint-Sauveur Collegiate church. 

The rigorous 3D historical reproductions model Jeanne d’Arc, the historical buildings, the Castle and the Saint-Sauveur collegiate church which has been destroyed since. The ambient sounds and animated characters and animals complete the VR experience and create a strong feeling of realism.

A self-service experience everyone should come and try out on the Blois Castle Square!