Timescope two times winner at the E-Tourism Meeting!

Timescope was at the 13th national meeting of E-Tourism (#ET13) in Pau, the start-up Timescope had a great success amont actors in the touristic sector. “It was quite special this year, because a same and unique start-up wins both the Jury Prize AND the Public Prize!” has announced Laurent-Pierre Gilliard, the co-organizer of the ET13, during the award ceremony.

Among the 5 finalist start-ups, presenting their devices to improve the touristic experience, Timescope has convinced the Jury composed of professional from this sector: François Bitouzet (voyagessncf.com), Philippe Person (Caisse des dépôts), Laurent Queige (Welcome City Lab), Guillaume Fauré (SFR), Jean-Luc Boulin (Mona), and Laurent-Pierre Gilliard (AEC).

The Timescope experience has also generated enthusiasm from the 850 professionals by winning the Public prize. This double prize confirms the relevance of Timescope terminal to enrich visit experiences and valorize touristic destinations.

After the recognition from the cultural sector through the 2017 prize of the SITEM, and the virtual reality sector through the VIRTUALITY prize, Timescope is now distinguished by the sector of tourism.

Virtual reality accessible to all visitors

Timescope makes the visit experience extraordinary, through its virtual reality devices in self-service. To discover history, or an inaccessible site, or the future of a place: as many experiences now possible thanks to virtual reality.

Timescope’s news will be rich of new installations and experiences in the following week, do not hesitate to follow us: @timescope