Timescope in Buenos Aires

Timescope was in Buenos Aires the 7, 8 and 9 June 2018 for the first edition of Virtuality trade fair in Argentina. The occasion for our team to set up the very first time travel machine in Latin America and present our immersive experiences to an international public.

Virtuality Trade fair, created in Paris in 2016, has deployed itself in Latin America this year, to meet with local actors working in the field of virtual, augmented or mixed reality. Timescope had the opportunity to represent the French savoir-faire by integrating the French delegation during the trade fair, which was welcomed by the French Institute and the French Embassy in Argentina.

Our conference on the theme « Bring VR to public places through tourism » was an occasion to talk about the way the Timescope terminal revolutionized VR’s usage by bringing it to the public space. Unique tool of 360° contents diffusion, the terminal offers its users to live an immersive experience, on-site, outside and very easily. By proposing historical contents, the Timescope brings publics, sometimes public not familiar to new technology, to try VR, not only for the technology, but also for the touristic and cultural experience it provides.

With a terminal used without interruptions during the trade fair opening hours – more than 700 immersive experiences tested in three days -, Timescope was very successful among Argentines.