Timescope Mini

The first immersive terminal dedicated to your interior spaces. Very easy to use, it puts the most immersive virtual reality experiences within reach of your visitors.

The turnkey solution
for visiting areas


  • We maintain the terminals


  • We bring the terminals to the place of installation


  • We send you the usage data of the terminals

Technical specifications
of Timescope Mini

Thought for your spaces

    Designed and manufactured in France, Timescope Mini is compact, discreet and easily movable, to integrate harmoniously in all your spaces.

  • Floor dimensions: 40 x 40 cm
  • Height: 1m20

The best of virtual reality

    The 4K image resolution and stereo sound embedded in the terminal offer the best of virtual reality, in terms of image sharpness and sound experience.

  • Screen definition: 2160 x 1200
  • Angle of view : 110 degrees

A secure solution

    Solid and anti-theft, Timescope Mini is the solution for your semi-open spaces. We take care of its maintenance.

  • Galvanized extra-flexible steel anti-theft cable

The experience
of our customers

Clotilde Larosse

Le Havre

“ We trusted Timescope to boost our e-tourism. We are excited! “

Anne Hidalgo

Paris' Mayor

“ At Parc Rives de Seine, immerse yourself in the history of these UNESCO World Heritage listed banks of Paris, thanks to the Timescope virtual reality experience! “