Virtual reality at your service

Timescope puts virtual reality in the service of your spaces and your projects. Each user can freely enjoy an immersive experience, no matter if he is familiar or not with the latest technologies.

We designed a virtual reality device in self-service accessible to all.


  • We bring the terminals to their installation’s spot


  • We assure the care and maintenance of the terminals


  • We give you the terminals’ usage data

Technical specifications
of the Timescope One


  • Height: 2m02
  • Main structure's diameter: 50cm
  • Base's diameter: 80cm
  • Ground coverage: 0.2m2
  • Weight: 190Kg


  • Internet connexion through autonomous wireless 4G

  • Power supply through 220V standard power with grounding plug


  • Stainless steel cover and anti-vandalism
  • Compliant with the standard NV65 - Resistance to violent winds


  • Gentle 360° stop - smooth end position
  • Finger pinch protection for the binoculars adjustment system
  • Finger pinch protection for the rotation system
  • Antibacterial treatment for the binoculars according to ISO22196

Our clients

Clotilde Larosse

Le Havre

“We trusted Timescope to boost our e-tourism. We are enthusiast !”

Anne Hidalgo

Maire de Paris

“At the ‘Rives de Seine’ park, plunge yourself into the History of these banks classed as UNESCO’s World Heritage site, thanks to the Timescope virtual reality experience.”