Timescope, the touristic experience in virtual reality

A touristic tour in virtual reality is appearing in Pays d’Artois, with Timescope and the Grand Arras tourist Office. A first Timescope terminal, put near the Monument of Fraternization, offers tourists and visitors a unique experience of travelling in travel. To go back to WW1’s History and discover from the trenches the very moment where French and German troops fraternized during winter 1915.

Augmented reality serving historical reconstructions

On the basis of historical archives, maps, photos, and the contribution of professional historians, Timescope made a faithful reconstruction of the 1914-1918 war’s atmosphere in virtual reality. An immersive and animated film, in 360 degrees, allowing us to figurate the reality of the everyday life in this war of positions.

A new way of doing tourism – memory tourism – for adults and children (the contents were conceived as a family experience) that already had very positive critics from the first users (+95% of positive opinions left at the end of the experience, on the terminal’s touch screen).

Accessible to all, in self-service, freely and 24/7 , this first Timescope was followed by a second installation, in the heart of the Arras Citadel.

Increasing tourism

Since the month of July, tourists and inhabitants can discover in the Vauban’s Citadel a new virtual reality device. This terminal is taking us to the XVIIth century to see the moment where this famous Citadel was built.

The user has the same vantage point as the place where is set the Timescope terminal, but he’s able to see through time and discover Vauban himself, who came to inspect the construction work’s progress. Around him, numerous workers are toiling to build the fortress.

More than 1800 users in less than one month

No need to download a mobile application or to put an helmet on: everything is accessible from the Timescope terminal. You only need to touch the screen, choose your language and start watching! In one month, more than 1800 people had made the experience, with as many positive opinion as for the first terminal.

New Timescope will be soon settled in Pays d’Artois – from September, Heroes Square-, to extend this augmented touristic tour.